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RainbowSlut – Broke Schoolgirl Pays With Sex

RainbowSlut – Broke Schoolgirl Pays With Sex



A poor girl from a small town doesn’t have it easy. I was once told by someone that knowledge is power. Learning was my way to success. My parents were poor and learning was costly. But that didn’t stop me. This year, I was struggling in math class and couldn’t afford failure. I was acquainted with a tutor down the street, who was very geeky and hot. Although he charged students a lot for his lessons, I knew that I could get him to teach my classes for free by asking him for his cock. I mean, how could a man say no to that? Yes, I was correct. But it got out of control. After I began sucking his dick, I became so horny that my pussy started throbbing. I couldn’t help but bounce all over his huge cock. I needed every inch of his penis in me. He fucked me very well, I have to say. I lost all the lessons he had taught me when he made me cump. I guess I will have to go back next weekend.

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